Honesty and Integrity

We strive to align our words and actions with our values. We believe in truthfully expressing our principles and positions on issues regardless of how popular or expedient that might be. We always endeavour to “walk the talk” by acting in accord with our statements of principle and our positions on issues.

Freedom to be Enterprising

We uphold the right of individuals to freely engage in all sectors of the cattle industry, unencumbered by restraints on trade, government interventions, monopoly influence, or any other forces that distort markets. We believe that the quality of our products and the management skills we bring to our independent production units will be the determinants of economic success in the cattle business.

Respect for all primary producers

We support the principles of a free market environment that respects the rights and interests of all primary producers regardless of the production systems they employ or the size, and scope of their operations. We recognize that ranchers, mixed farmers, and feeders, whether large or small, all play vital roles within our industry.


We support individual freedom and oppose one size fits all attitudes and regulation. Our industry is well served by celebrating variety and respecting the novel contributions made by independent entrepreneurs and innovators. Encouraging the right of any individual producer to do business or manage her or his operation according to the dictates of conscience and personal choice

Right to Express Opinions

We believe freedom of expression is a cornerstone of democracy. The loss of a single voice in deference to the majority view is a loss to all. Stifling unpopular or novel opinions weakens our capacity to find solutions to our problems. The SSGA recognizes that the freedom to hold and state different beliefs and opinions contributes to the health of our organization and industry.


We appreciate that tremendous synergies can arise through working with our fellow producers, neighbours, communities, and those who share our challenges. We recognize that we can achieve much on behalf of the individual by working together. We appreciate that our values are not always shared by others, but this does not preclude cooperation on those issues where we have shared views and interests.


Unrestricted access to the decision making forums and deliberations of the SSGA is a democratic right of all members. Members are entitled to participate in the governance of the SSGA including the formulation of policy and financial decisions and to full disclosure of the organization’s proceedings, activities and financial status. The SSGA believes that transparency is essential to a well functioning democracy.

Environmental Stewardship

The SSGA holds that our generation of producers is obligated to utilizing the land, grass, and water resources we manage in ways that do not diminish their utility for the generations of producers that follow us. We value the stewardship tradition that has served our industry and the environment well for generations as well as ongoing research and education efforts that encourage environmentally sustainable production practices.

Animal Husbandry

We believe that our economic success and personal fulfillment as cattle producers is inextricably tied to the health and wellbeing of the animals we manage. Accordingly, the SSGA maintains that participation in the cattle business carries with it a moral and legal responsibility to provide for the animals in our care. We value our longstanding tradition of ethical animal treatment as well as ongoing efforts to identify and enhance best husbandry practices for the benefit of the industry and our livestock.