SSGA Welcomes Provincial Climate Change Strategy

Today, the Government of Saskatchewan announced its climate strategy, Prairie Resilience: A Made-in-Saskatchewan Climate Change Strategy, to increase the province’s readiness and create greater resilience to climatic, economic and policy changes, while reducing its carbon footprint.

“This strategy will allow beef producers to be recognized for their leadership in fighting climate change,” said Saskatchewan Stock Growers Association (SSGA) President Shane Jahnke. “Cattle producers have taken a proactive role in preserving Saskatchewan’s grasslands through managed grazing.”

This comprehensive approach will include measuring, monitoring and reporting components.

“The SSGA supports a climate change policy that keeps the beef industry competitive, while effectively managing carbon emissions,” said Jahnke. “This made-in-Saskatchewan approach gives agriculture the opportunity to be part of the climate change solution.”

Saskatchewan’s strategy sets out emission performance standards with flexible compliance mechanisms and associated gas regulations.

“This proactive strategy provides an incentive for industry to sequester carbon and reinvest in technologies and innovation to reduce the carbon footprint,” the SSGA president added.

The province’s climate strategy anticipates sector specific performance standards and an offset system for activities creating carbon sequestration. It also includes a provincial technology fund for investment into system innovation. A flexible compliance mechanism allows those emitting above regulated standards to comply in a way best-suited to their business models.

The government will engage with the province to develop resilience measures and regulatory standards beginning in early 2018.

“We are interested in working with the government to further define the role of beef producers within this strategy,” said Jahnke.