SSGA Releases Video Celebrating Award Winning Ranch

Today as part of Agriculture Awareness month the Saskatchewan Stock Growers Association (SSGA) released a short video highlighting Miles and Sheri Anderson’s effort to protect the Greater Sage Grouse and 19 other species at risk that share their ranch near Fir Mountain.

The Andersons were the national recipients of the 2016 The Environmental Stewardship Award (TESA).

The video shows Miles on horseback amid the gorgeous natural prairie landscapes and the big blue sky of the ranch.  He explains how he takes a global approach to protecting and enhancing habitat for the many birds, mammals, insects and plants on his land.

Beef producers depend on a healthy ecosystem to provide grass for their cattle.  In turn, grazing cattle allow the natural grasses and other plants to renew themselves, providing vital habitat for endangered species like the Greater Sage Grouse and the Loggerhead Shrike.

“We’re the original conservationists, people don’t realize that,” Miles says. “It’s just the nature of what we do.”

And it goes beyond protecting species at risk. Healthy grasslands are an enormous carbon sink – Canadian beef production is responsible for keeping 1.5 billion tonnes of carbon out of the atmosphere.

SSGA President Shane Jahnke thinks the video will resonate with ranchers and consumers alike.  “Miles and Sheri earned the TESA award because their efforts are exceptional, but also because their attitude is typical,” he said.

“Ranchers care for the land because we depend on it. Canada’s beef industry chose the Andersons for this award because Miles and Sheri reflect the way producers really operate, and we want the world to know that.”

“Consumers can take satisfaction from knowing our beef industry holds itself to amazingly high standards for sustainability.  This video shows how the Andersons set an excellent example for producers across Canada.  All of Saskatchewan can be very proud,” he said.

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