The Saskatchewan Prairie Conservation Action Plan Partnership brings together 32 agencies and organizations representing producers, industry, provincial and federal governments, environmental non-government organizations, research and educational institutions working towards a common vision of prairie and species at risk conservation in Saskatchewan.

Since the SK PCAP was formally established in 1998, it has been chaired by the Saskatchewan Stock Grower’s Association. The SK PCAP’s full-time manager facilitates and guides implementation of the SK PCAP’s 2009-2013 Framework out of the SSGA office in Regina.

The SK PCAP’s 2009-2013 Framework outlines three goals and five priority areas of focus. Working groups have been formed around these focus areas, and they will develop, report on, and revise action plans around each focus area annually.


  1. Ecosystem — Native prairie ecosystem health and biodiversity are conserved and restored as part of a functioning landscape.
  2. Economic — Sustainable uses of native prairie improve the livelihoods of Saskatchewan people.
  3. Cultural — Native prairie is a valued part of our culture and identity as Saskatchewan people.

Focus Areas

  1. At home on the prairie — Connecting to native prairie
  2. Prospering with prairie — Sustainable land use and development
  3. Caring for prairie — Managing invasive alien plant species
  4. Accounting for prairie — Valuing ecological goods and services
  5. A working prairie — Grazing management in prairie ecosystems

For more Information

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