To help detect and control Johne’s disease in the province, the Ministry of Agriculture has developed a surveillance and control program for Saskatchewan cattle. The Saskatchewan Stock Growers Association is the administrator for this program, which is funded under Growing Forward 2.

What is Johne’s Disease?

Johne’s disease is a chronic debilitating disease that affects the intestines of cattle, sheep, and goats. Although many animals in a herd may be infected, usually less than five percent of infected animals develop clinical signs of disease. Animals that look normal can still shed the bacteria and infect other animals in the herd. Poor nutrition, parasitism, and stress can cause more of the infected animals to become visably affected. Once the clinical signs are evident, the affected animals eventually die. There is no treatment for Johne’s disease.

The long incubation period of this disease makes it difficult to detect. Many animals within a herd may be infected before any clinical signs are ever seen. The primary way any herd becomes infected with Johne’s is through the purchase of infected animals.

How the Program Works

A blood test is conducted on every mature cow and bull in the herd. If Johne’s is found in a herd, veterinary consultation is provided to complete a Johne’s disease risk assessment and develop a customized management plan.

The identity of program participants and individual test results is kept confidential.

Who is Eligible?

All Saskatchewan cattle producers are eligible to apply for this program. Enrollment is limited to a maximum of 50 herds per year. Space is available on a first-come, first served basis.

Costs Covered

  • Veterinary fees for blood collection
  • Sample shipping
  • Laboratory testing
  • Veterinary fees for Johne’s risk assessment and management planning

Program Overview

Click here for more information and program results to date.

How to Apply

Download and complete the SSGA Johne’s Disease Program application form. Mail it to:

The Saskatchewan Stock Growers Association
Box 4752
Regina, SK S4P 3Y4

For more Information

Contact Us.