104th AGM & Convention Highlights


2017-2018 Board of Directors

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104th Annual Report

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Solving the Succession Puzzle
Jonathan Small – Business Advisor, MNP

A Saskatchewan View on Global Labour Supply
Bill Martin – Agriculture Director, ILCAg

Johne’s Disease Surveillance & Regulatory Changes to Antimicrobial Access
Dr. Wendy Wilkins – Disease Surveillance Veterinarian, SK Ministry of Agriculture

Canadian Cattle Industry Update
Dan Darling – President, Canadian Cattlemen’s Association

Cattle Market Outlook
Anne Wasko – President, Cattle Trends Inc.

Consumer Perspective on Protein Production
Bryant Johnson – Director of Market Access, Elanco

VIDO – Current Research & Future Projects

Dr. Volker Gerdts – Associate Director of Research, VIDO

National Beef Sustainability Assessment Results

Brenna Grant – Research Manager, CanFax

Cattle: Villains or Saviours
Coming Soon
Allan Savory – President, Savory Institute

2016 Agriculture Census

Terry Bedard – Statistician, SK Ministry of Agriculture

Value of Vaccination

Kathy Larson – Beef Economist, Western Beef Development Centre

Trace Minerals and Reproductive Performance

Dr.Cheryl Waldner – Professor, University of Saskatchewan